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With Apple’s help, Malala Fund looks at climate change impact on young girls, women

With funding from Apple, Malala Fund is conducting research to look at the impacts of climate change on girls and young women, and education’s role in building resilience to future crises.

“We have to invest in quality education for girls,” says Malala Fund founder Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai. “Climate change is connected to all the issues that are around us and education is one of them.”

She joined Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives to call on governments and businesses to act quickly and decisively to meet climate targets.

“Malala Fund is heading into doing research…on the link between girls education and climate change while also providing the curriculum on sustainability and environmental protection and what is the role that girl’s education plays in that,” says Yousafzai. “We will also be proposing and providing recommendations for government level policies and local level commitments that we need so that at the COP26 happening in November in London…the voices of young girls will reach to those tables and…this research is considered in the decision making. We hope that our leaders show full responsibility and make good decisions about protecting our future. Thank you to Apple for the support and funding that made it possible.”

Yousafzai is a girls’ education activist and the youngest Nobel laureate. In 2013, she founded Malala Fund with the goal “to give every girl the chance to choose her own future.”

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