Will It Work? iPod Nano 7th Gen and Apple Pencil

iPod Nano: Will It Work?

Our friend Niles Mitchell from the Will It Work? YouTube channel is back with another one of his explorations into mixing old and new tech. This time, the iPod Nano 7th-generation — the only iPod with Lightning and Bluetooth — is paired with an Apple Pencil.

Will the Nano’s Lightning port charge an Apple Pencil and power other accessories, or is it limited to charging the Nano? The answer is in the video below. Enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe to the Will It Work? channel, and give Niles a thumbs-up for his work!

Why is this an interesting experiment? Because not all Apple products with Lightning ports are actually able to charge other devices. For example, iPads and iPhones can both power Lightning accessories, but other devices like the Magic Trackpad and Apple Remote cannot. Some Apple devices use the Lightning port as a charging port only, while others are able to both receive and send power via the port.

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