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Will It Work? Connecting an iPod Photo to SCSI and IDE Drives

Our buddy Niles Mitchell is back with another round of Will It Work? — his YouTube series where you can see all sorts of old and new devices attempting to work with each other. This week, Niles provides us with a fun video where he connects an iPod Photo to SCSI and IDE disk drives. Will It Work? You need to watch!

Well, at least the IDE drive connected to the iPod Photo! In case you’re not familiar with the iPod Photo, it was the fourth-generation of iPod, and introduced in October or 2004. This was the first iPod series with a color display, arriving with a 40 or 60GB hard drive. A later revision sold with a 30 or 60GB drive. Connection to a Mac or PC was done through FireWire (remember that?) or USB.

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