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Will Apple finally give us the ‘killer app’  for AR/VR?

According to Frank Gartland, chief product & technology officer at Skillable, the workplace will be an early adopter and driver of the Vision Pro’s success.

When its comes to augmented reality (AR), what will 2024 hold? All eyes are (or will be) on Apple’s Vision Pro.

Apple’s US$3,499 (and up) “Spatial Computer” will arrive in early 2024. However, it apparently will only be available in limited quantities at first. 

Andy Wu, Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, thinks Apple might be the company that finally invents the “killer app” for AR and VR (virtual reality).

“2024 will bring Apple Vision Pro to the fold — and to their credit, the company” brought the killer apps to our phones and watches. Is VR next?” he says.

Wu adds that there are a few other high-level things to keep an eye on when it comes to the VR and AR in 2024:

°  How the Vision Pro will continue to advance development in VR, AR and the Metaverse;

° The battle over “return to office” and how that will impact integration of our work lives into the metaverse;

°  The focus on climate change and how the metaverse can help in a fight to save the environment;

° If  AR/VR will suffer the same challenges in content moderation in its infancy that social media has, especially in a U.S. election year;

° If Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools empower creators to create virtual worlds more efficiently;

° How scaled down budgets and teams may ultimately lead to the creation of more practical and efficient metaverse use cases.

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