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Why can’t preparing my Mac for sale be as easy as doing it with an iOS device?

If Apple releases new iPads anytime soon, I’ll likely sell my current Apple tablet. Preparing iPads for resale is a breeze. Why can’t preparing my Mac for sale be just as easy?

If you’re going to sell any of your gadgets you need to wipe all your personal data from them. To do this on an iPad, you open the Settings app. On the left-hand side of the settings, choose the General settings and scroll down the page until you see “Reset.” 

There are a variety of options, but if you’re selling it to someone outside your family, you’ll probably want to choose “Erase All Content and Settings.” This zaps all data is off the iPad, including information for your iTunes account. 

Deleting all your personal data off your Mac is a more laborious process. It would certainly be convenient if wiping all personal data off a Mac were as simple as it is with an iOS device. 

How about a macOS reset button that disables your iTunes account (and deactivates the Mac), deactivates your app store accounts (and all apps you’ve purchased), deletes your calendars, deletes your email and email accounts, and disengages your iCloud account?

Dennis Sellers
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