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When I stereo pair two HomePod minis, one can’t ‘find’ the Internet

Apple’s new HomePod minis are apparently hot sellers (especially the black model), but there seems to be a problem. 

Some users of the smart speaker are having Wi-Fi connectivity issues. As noted by 9to5Mac, a thread on Apple’s support forums highlights the problems that some users are facing, and the currently-suggested fix appears to only temporarily remedy the issue. The troubleshooting steps provided by Apple include rebooting HomePod mini or even restoring it to its default settings. In both instances, the fix is only temporary.

I have two of the mini speakers. Individually, the work fine. However, when I try to connect them as a stereo pair, invariably one of them tells me, “I am having trouble connecting to the internet.”

As far as I know, Apple hasn’t addressed the issue. Hopefully, a firmware update will solve the problem.

Dennis Sellers
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