Thursday, September 28, 2023
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When did you last test your backup data?

It’s no secret that I’m a nut about data backup and redundancy. Having been in this business for three decades, it’s deeply ingrained in the part of my brain that knows what’s good for me. And I’ve automated the task so I only have to think about it when I receive an alert that it’s not working.

The part I haven’t been able to automate (so far), is testing my backups. And here’s why testing your backups is so freakin’ important: 

So, since I’ve been unable to figure out a good way to automate testing my backups, I’m doing the next best thing: I have a repeating reminder that says, “Restore some data from each backup disk…” that appears every six months to nag me.
A reminder isn’t as good as hands-off automation but it’s a whole lot better than forgetting completely.This nugget of info is from my “Working Smarter for Mac Users” newsletter.  You can sign up for free and get free timesaving tips, and more, every week.

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