What Tech Consumers Need to be Aware of When Recycling

Are you aware that there are more mobile phones than there are people on our planet? However, the final resting place of these electronic devices and tech gadgets remains unknown to many consumers. These gadgets or devices do not just disappear. Most consumers stop thinking about these devices or gadgets when they have been out of sight for some time.

E-waste or electronic waste is a term used to describe electronic products and tech gadgets that no longer work, have become unwanted, or obsolete. They are at the end of their useful life. It can include computers, smartphones, televisions, electronic toys, and microwaves. Many consumers do not realize how harmful e-waste can be to the global environment.

Why should consumers repair or recycle their gadgets?

The world’s fastest-growing waste stream is electronic wastes. These electronics and gadgets are not correctly disposed of, causing pollution, waste, and dangers to human health. It is because most electronic devices have a short lifespan. Many consumers want to get their hands on the newest high-tech products.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only about 20 percent of electronic waste is recycled. The rest goes directly into incinerators, landfills or exported to developing countries. Most consumers do not understand that this can be hazardous to the environment and humans because many of these electronics contain toxic elements, such as lead and mercury.

What should tech consumers do before recycling?

If you decide to recycle your tech gadgets, make sure you have backed up any information on them. Recycling could mean someone else will be using your device in the future. Ensure that you’re not giving others access to your data.

Most consumers have documents and pictures saved on their devices. After backing up, remove any attached storage, such as drives and USBs, and then wipe your data from the device. This way, you can successfully save everything you need and recycle your device without the risk of giving away your data.

Your old electronics and gadgets can be worth a good amount of money. Sometimes even old and broken devices can be exchanged for cash. Deciding on recycling and taking preventive measures are the first two crucial steps. We will now look at some easy ways tech consumers can recycle their electronics or gadgets properly.

Trade it in

Suppose you don’t need to keep the gadget you are currently using, such as an older model of a mobile or laptop, and you want to upgrade to a new phone. In that case, you should check out its trade-in value with your carrier. Suppose your gadget is one of the more in-demand models, such as an iPhone or an iPad. In that case, you should be able to get a more significant discount when buying a new model. Apple allows its consumers to trade in older models in exchange for a credit for their new model.

It would be best if you also kept an eye on promotions when you’re thinking about buying a new model. Suppose you are looking to sell or trade in some other gadgets, for instance, a gaming console. In that case, you should look for trade-in offers from retailers like Amazon and GameStop.

Sell it online

If the gadget or the device you’re looking to recycle is in saleable condition, look for websites that facilitate the exchange of such devices. For instance, if you want to sell your iPhone, you should check out Freedom Mobiles as they can connect you with recyclers who have 5-star ratings and will be ready to buy your iPhone. iPads and iPhones are top-rated devices for tech consumers. You can make some cash by selling your gadgets online. However, you should not set the price too high. Be open to genuine offers, especially if the model you’re selling is old and not in excellent condition.

Recycle it

We have already discussed why it is not a good idea to throw away your devices. Now, you know that you can make some money while getting rid of your old devices or gadgets. However, sometimes you might not be able to find any buyer or a trade-in offer for your old device. It is a good idea to get in touch with local recycling centers. You may still be able to earn a little cash.

You could look into Apple’s recycling program if you have any Apple products gathering dust at home. If the device can be refurbished, repaired, and sold, or if they can recycle the materials, you will get an Apple Store gift card. You can use it to buy another Apple product. You can hold a backyard sale with your friends or with your community and take your chances to sell your gadgets there to earn. Visit local electronic stores and electronic repair shops to see if they can buy your gadgets as well.

We would suggest that you look into all of these options and go with the one that offers you the best value for what you are giving away. The options available to you may also differ depending on what kind of device you are offering. 

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