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What I want to see in iOS 11

There are three certainties in this world: death, taxes, and the fact that Apple will preview iOS 11 at next week’s Worldwide Developer Conference. Lots of new features are expected. Following are some of the things I’m hoping to see:

1) I think we’ll see will a new Automator app that integrates the functionality from the Workflow app that Apple acquired (on iOS 11 and macOS 10.13). It will offer similar functionality to the App Store-based Workflow, but will come equipped with what is being described as “deeper OS/iCloud integration.”

2) It will sport some exciting new augmented reality features, a concept of which can be viewed below, courtesy of the BGR website. However, we may not see the full advantage of such features until the “iPhone 8” arrives (probably in September).

3) Last year Apple released a dark theme for tvOS on the Apple TV, but not for iPhone or iPad. It should arrive on iOS this year

4) FaceTime should get conference call and screen sharing features. Hey, Apple Support can request screen sharing to help troubleshoot an iOS gadget, so there’s no reason (that I can think off) why this shouldn’t happen.

5)  Apple’s Continuity allows you to move between your devices with Handoff, Universal Clipboard, iPhone calls, SMS/MMS messaging, Instant Hotspot, and Auto Unlock. For instance, I can start an email on my iPad Pro and finish it on my MacBook Pro. I’d love to see Apple take this one step further and allow us to hand off music, movies and more between macOS and iOS devices with Handoff support for Apple Music, iTunes and FaceTime.

6) The iPhone needs Apple Pencil support.

7) Offline support for Siri would be nice for limited queries such as creating a reminder and calling your contacts. And let’s have a Siri assistant for folks who don’t want to talk to their phones to interact with Siri via text. And, as I mentioned in yesterday’s macOS 10.13 wish list (, I think there’s a good chance that Siri and the Spotlight Search feature could be merged.

8)  Tweaks to the Complications feature could be added to the lock screen or the Home screen so we can see, for example, weather info without having to open an app.

9) Tweaks to the Control Center so users can choose which icons and functions are displayed would be useful.

10) I’d love to see more manual controls for the Camera app.

11) I also want the ability to view offline Maps and multi-destination routes. Hey, Google Maps already has these two features.

10) Built-in features that allow me to use an iPad as a secondary display with my Mac without the need for a third party utility like Duet Display would make me very happy .…

12) …. as would the ability to use an iPad as a drawing tablet with my Mac. 

13) Speaking of the iPad, we need support for multiple users on the Apple tablet, something that’s already been implemented in classroom settings. 

There are also rumors about a GuestBoard that would allow strangers to use your devices for quick calls or website checks without gaining access to your Home screen or data. I don’t think this will happen, and it’s not a feature that personally appeals to me.

Finally, I think we could see an iPad Pro specific version of iOS 11 that would make it easier to share content between apps and perform multi-tasking. There’s also speculation that such an operating system might bring a Finder-like file management system to the iPad Pro and even the ability to use a mouse with the tablet. 

That seems impractical to me; it would make the iOS too macOS-ish. If this is under consideration, why not just release a macOS tablet with touchscreen and Apple Pencil support?

More practically regarding iPad Pro features, Apple is reportedly working on expanded Apple Pencil support for the tablet, which would be combined with hardware improvements to introduce features like smoother on-screen zooming, panning, and scrolling.

Finally, Apple Music exec Jimmy Iovine, has said that iOS 11 will include a “new edition” of the Apple Music app that “better showcases video.”

So what would you like to see in iOS 11?


Dennis Sellers
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