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Well, that was disappointing (no new iPad Pros or Macs)

Maybe I had my hopes too high, but today’s Apple announcements disappointed. A new 9.7-inch iPad. A (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. A new Clips app for iOS devices. All well and good — but underwhelming.

Where are the new iPad Pros? Where are the new iMacs? Why is Clips iOS only and not available for macOS? On the bright side, my credit card can remain in my wallet.

Guess we’ll just have to hope that my AWT compadre, Steve, is right and that Apple plans an April 4 special event at its new Apple Park headquarters. However, April 4 is less than two weeks away, so chances are increasing that, if such an event is coming, it will be held later in the month.

Dennis Sellers
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