Website explains how payment will be made in iCloud-related class action lawsuit

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An iCloud class action lawsuit has been settled out of court, with Apple agreeing to pay a total of $14.8 million to U.S. residents subscribing to one of the paid storage tiers during a specific time period, notes 9to5Mac.

The payout was agreed upon after it was alleged that Apple breached the service terms and conditions by storing user data on non-Apple servers, the article adds. Apple denies any wrong-doing, but it has agreed to pay the sum to avoid a trial. A website for the lawsuit explains how payment will be made.

As noted by Macworld, the settlement includes any U.S. resident who paid for a subscription to iCloud at any time from September 16, 2015, to January 31, 2016. You don’t need to do anything to join the class. As long as the email you used to sign up for iCloud storage during that time is still active you should receive a notification that you are a class member.

Macworld notes that each person in the class will “receive a pro rata distribution of the Settlement based on the overall payments made by each Class Member for his or her iCloud subscription during the Class Period,” so it depends on how much you spent during the period. Apple’s monthly iCloud rates at the time were $0.99 (50GB), $3.99 (200GB), and $9.99 (1TB).

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