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WAVE Kit: Wave Bolster + Headphones for the Ultimate in Meditation

The biggest issue with most guided meditation programs is that the only thing stimulated is your hearing. Not so with the WAVE Kit ($169.99), which combines headphones with a unique wave bolster to produce vibrations in your body in time with the music you’re listening to. It’s the world’s most immersive at-home meditation experience.

Tuning out daily distractions is hard. That is why WAVE™ Kit gives you the world’s most immersive at-home meditation experience. The kit includes premium over-ear headphones that connect directly to the revolutionary bolster. It creates physical vibrations throughout your body in sync with the beats of music meditation tracks, allowing you to feel more present in your practice. When the power of music is combined with guided meditation, the WAVE app gives you original tracks that’ll help you feel empowered, inspired, relaxed, and much more. You’ve never heard or felt anything quite like this. 

  • Premium over-ear headphones connect directly to the bolster for synced music & vibration

  • Memory foam material & microsuede cover make meditation incredibly comfortable

  • Perfect size allows deep physical vibrations to pulse evenly throughout your body

  • Adjustable vibration levels to better match your mood & sensitivity

  • Original meditation tracks will help you feel empowered, inspired, relaxed & much more


  • The Wall Street Journal: “The calming vibration created a pleasant, isolating space that kept me focused.”

  • GQ: “Makes meditation more of an experience worth looking forward to”

  • Forbes: “A totally new approach to traditional mindfulness practices.”

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