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ViewSonic previews three displays that may appeal to 2016 MacBook Pro owners

ViewSonic Corp. has introduced three new monitors that should be of interest to owners of 2016 UBS-C only MacBook Pros. The new VP3881, VP3268-4K and VX2781-UC come with ultra-high resolutions ranging from Quad HD to 4K UHD, frameless ID designs, an array of advanced digital connectivity options and functional ergonomic stands.

The VP3881 is a 37.5-inch curved screen display that features 3840×1600 resolution with an ultra-wide 24:10 aspect ratio. Features include a frameless SuperClear IPS panel and professional pre-calibration achieving Delta E<2. The VP3881 comes with hardware calibration that works with the ViewSonic Color Calibration Kit. Connectivity options include: HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.1 Type C and a USB hub.

Another new monitor in ViewSonic’s professional display line is the VP3268-4K monitor. A 31.5-inch, four-sided frameless display, the VP3268-4K comes with 3840×2160 4K UHD resolution. It comes pre-calibrated to achieve professional grade Delta E<2 and uniformity for color-critical applications. The VP3268-4K offers HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort and USB hubs for flexible connectivity.

The ViewSonic VX2781-UC is a 27-inch frameless monitor with a SuperClear IPS type panel. Part of the VX-series of multimedia/entertainment monitors, it features 2560×1440 QHD resolution and an ergonomic design. The VX2781-UC comes with a USB 3.1 Type C input that provides a single cable solution for audio, video, power and data.

The ViewSonic VP3881, VP3268-4K and VX2781-UC will be available in June 2017 at the following respective prices: US$1,999; $1,359; and $749.

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