User Survey 2022: Will iPhones Be on This Year’s Christmas List?

SellCell, a site for selling used electronics, interviewed over 2500 US iPhone users to find out exactly what their Apple-related purchase intent is in the lead up to Christmas and whether Apple devices feature on Christmas shopping lists in 2022.

The survey also asked whether people are happy to wait until after Christmas to receive their iPhone 14 Pro/Max, and thoughts around the iPhone 14 Plus. Opinions were also sought on the iPhone 15, specifically what features consumers would like to see once September 2023 rolls around. Here are some of the main findings:

° Of all respondents, 37.4% of consumers will buy a new iPhone across any model (not necessarily an iPhone 14), 18.7% will buy AirPods, 16.3% an Apple Watch, and 8.3% will buy refurbished Apple tech this Christmas.

° When asked, 27.2% of consumers said they won’t buy any tech at all this Christmas, and 13.4% simply cannot afford any tech for Christmas 2022.

° 45.3% of people will hold on to their existing iPhone and won’t be upgrading to the 14-series. Nearly 30% are however thinking about upgrading soon. 5.1% are already waiting for the iPhone 15 to be launched.

° 59.4% of iPhone users would wait 5 weeks to get hold of the iPhone 14 Pro, but sadly 40.6% said these delivery times would put them off.

° When asked about iPhone 14 Plus purchase intent, 22.5% said they will not invest because of the price of the handset. 12.1% say it’s too big. Nearly 8% say the device has poor features compared to the Pro. 20.4% however said they already own one, or would think about getting one when they upgrade.

° Of all consumers, 35.2% want to see a fresh new look and design most when Apple releases the iPhone 15. 30.3% of respondents want to see new colorways, 28.8% want to see the return of the charger and accessories, 23.9% like the look of the periscope lens. Interestingly, 23.6% would see the return of Touch ID as the most exciting iPhone 15 announcement.