Upcoming iPhone 16 Pro: Key Characteristics and Image Updates

This iPhone 16 Pro concept is by Yanko Design.

The less time before the fall presentation of Apple, the more active analysts and insiders. They provide a variety of information about new technologies and design features of the iPhone 16 Pro. Some “leaks” will never go beyond the limits of conjecture, but there are those that will hit the exact target. 

About the design of the upcoming smartphone to talk about it is too early, despite the fact that there are already renders in the network. Options “rendering” several, and which will be the closest to reality – it remains only to guess. It is assumed that the 16 Pro will either remain in a tile format with three diagonally arranged lenses, or will receive a vertical camera system. The Internet also walks the image of a cell phone with a camera-spinner: instead of a square “framing” sensors – a triangle. 

The main innovations will touch the stuffing. Planned evolution of the processor, including – the graphical component, communication modules, built-in storage.

Let’s consider the anticipated metamorphosis of the sixteenth iPhone Pro in detail. 


The display is the face of the smartphone, both figuratively and literally. Apple iPhone 15 has a literally exemplary screen with oleophobic protection, realistic color reproduction, high peak brightness, pixel density, smooth framerate. The iPhone 16 Pro looks to prove that there’s always room to grow. It is predicted to become 0.2 inches larger, and the frames will shrink and be almost imperceptible. Expansion of the supported color palette and a gain in typical brightness is expected. 

As for the cutout for the front camera, successfully played with a dynamic island, it is not going to be removed, as well as return to the classic format of the “monobrow”.


If in the basic versions Apple can use last year’s processors, flagships always get the latest generation chips. It makes sense that the iPhone 16 Pro will get the bionic A18 Pro, made using an improved process and with a number of advantages:

  • Improved cooling,
  • improved performance,
  • reduced power consumption,
  • an emphasis on artificial intelligence.

That said, AI technologies are likely to be implemented in hardware and software.

Permanent memory

It is possible that Apple is preparing a new configuration of the iPhone Pro – for 2 Terabytes. It will either complement the “set” of four existing builds or replace the minimum – at 128 Gigabytes. The second option is more plausible, as Cupertinovtsy already familiar with the practice of abandoning the “junior” configuration: iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at 256 GB.


The main interest is attached to the rear camera. The most popular theories:

  1. Increasing the resolution of the “ultrawide” up to 48 Megapixels. In the 15 series, such resolution only the wide-angle module.
  2. Five times optical zoom, which is now exclusive to the Pro Max.
  3. Updated main sensor design for flawless low-light shooting.
  4. Quality anti-reflective coating on the cameras to minimize backlighting.

In general, the “image” of iPhone 16 Pro is quite attractive. As for the controls, Apple may add one more button – a mechanical one with different levels of pressure. It will be sharpened for the new camera capabilities. Users can also expect an increase in autonomy by increasing the energy density in the battery.

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