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Upcoming $50 Neutrogena SkinScanner gets the skinny on complexion issues

The silly season of CES is upon us, with all sorts of interesting and sometimes questionable products being announced. Today’s example? The Neutrogena SkinScanner, which is going to be demoed at CES next week and should be available in the summer of 2018 for $50. 

For those who are obsessive over “pores, fine lines, wrinkles and moisture levels” in their skin, the SkinSensor uses “12 high-powered LED lights, a 30x magnification lens and highly accurate sensors to measure above and below the skin’s surface.” Once it’s done looking at your skin, the companion Skin360™ app will produce a Skin360 score that tells you how you’re doing on the moisture, pores and lines fronts in the battle for a perfect complexion. 

You then have the opportunity to share the score (“Wow, Muffy! I have an 85 score today!!!) or tap an “Improve” button that will tell you what Neutrogena products you can purchase and apply to make your skin perfect. 

The SkinScanner looks like a work in progress; the attachment seems to be designed for just one model of iPhone, although there may be a plan to bring it to other phones (like the iPhone X) in the future. The app also appears to be designed for a pre-iPhone X world, and it’s obvious that Neutrogena is looking for input on what phones to support by asking prospective buyers what they’re using. 

There’s no word on whether they’ll make a model for 60+ year old males with old dry skin and beards so they have something else to worry about in the future…

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