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UK eBayer turns paper MacBook scam into fund-raising opportunity

UK resident Paul Barrington fell victim to one of the worst eBay scams. As reported by Express & Echo, he purchased a top-of-the-line MacBook at the incredible price of £300 ($460 USD), in hopes of starting up a new business as a wedding DJ. Barrington left his previous job in child care due to a lung condition and sold his surfboard to acquire the funds for the notebook. His good fortune at finding such an excellent deal turned to despair when he received his package, and all it contained was a printed picture of the prized MacBook.

He shared his unfortunate tale with friends and family and the news spread like wildfire. Since his story went viral, Barrington has been inundated with laptop offers and donations for his new business from both acquaintances and strangers alike. Overwhelmed by the generosity of others, Barrington has decided to do his own giving and is auctioning off his picture. He is humorously advertising it on eBay as “The Most Famous and Expensive Photocopied Apple Mac Ever.” Proceeds from the auction will go to the British Lung Foundation.

Our take on the news:
It’s heartwarming stories like these that make the Apple community so awesome.

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