TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones deal

Freesay TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones.

Language translator earbuds are some of the latest innovation in the translation devices. One of the best is the Freesay TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones, which can be used to break through language barriers. And they’re on sale for $199.99; that’s 33% off.

Freesay TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones.

They’re cooler than the usual ‘cool’ earphones

The usual “cool” earphones in the market might let you do the expected things: listen to music and answer calls via Bluetooth. What if there was a pair of earphones that lets you engage in innovative conversations with instant translation? There is: the Freesay TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones. These wireless earbuds deliver 97% accurate two-way translation with 30+ languages under Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot connection. 

TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones are easy to use

Simply press the button on the earphone to speak, and the other earphone will hear the language of choice in real-time. Not only a translating device, these noise-canceling earphones also work like normal TWS earbuds for your daily music and calling needs. 

As mentioned, the earphones can translate over 30 languages including Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and more. They can translate your whole sentence in two seconds via Wi-Fi or a 4G network. And they offer CVC noise reduction, in-ear detection, and a waterproof rating of IP54.

The earphones’ charging case doubles as a mic-phone and speaker. It offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for regular music listening or picking up calls. They provide up to five hours of translating time and up to six hours of music playing time.

They’re available in glossy white. You can add a two-year warranty for $22.99 or a three-year warranty for $32.99. The $199.99 price also includes three pairs of earbuds.

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