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Twice the USB and AC Charging with the SURGE DUO

We sell a lot of chargers in the Apple World Today Deals Shop, but most of them are either wireless or USB-based — they don’t offer regular AC outlets. Not so with the SURGE DUO Dual USB and Dual Surge Charging Station (US$18.99).

Aduro brings you this SURGE DUO Dual USB & Dual Surge Charging Station⁠—the perfect solution for keeping your desktop organized. Featuring two outlets and two USB ports, this hub keeps your devices charged up and ready-to-go while maintaining your desktop neat and orderly. The USB ports have built-in SmartCharge which automatically detects your device and gives out the optimal charging output. It comes with a sleek and attractive design, as well as an LED light to let you know that everything is working. Compared with ordinary power strips, this one adopts individual control switches to separately control AC outlets and USB ports operation. 

  • Sleek look & design will blend in perfectly on your desktop

  • Strong electricity conductivity & great heat dissipation

  • Built-in SmartCharge for optimal device charging

  • LED light to indicate charging

  • Adopts individual control switches to separately control AC outlets & USB ports operation

For just $18.99 you get a choice of white/grey or white/black designs, with a blue LED that accents the charger and tells you that power is flowing to your devices. Get one today!

Steve Sande
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