Thursday, December 7, 2023

Twelve South’s SurfaceSnap offers classy cable management

Twelve South’s US$29.99 SurfaceSnap offers a classy means of cable management in the form of leather bands with button snaps. 

Though I take advantage of wireless solutions as much as possible, my desktop is still home to several snaking cables for attaching various peripherals and their power supplies. While I don’t see any way in the foreseeable future to get rid of those “snakes,” the SurfaceSnap does help me whip ‘em into reasonably organized shape.

The Twelve South device can be attached to nearly any surface (including monitors and stands) and used to keep charging and computer cables organized, as well as preventing them slipping to the floor. Though the SurfaceGrip attaches via an adhesive, it leaves no trace when you remove it, which is good as you can reposition it as needed. 

I appreciate the fact that it’s made of genuine leather; its classy, polished look is much preferable to that of cheap plastic cable organizers. Also, the svelte SurfaceSnap secures cables with a metal button snap instead of weights as some cable managers use.

An included double-winged SurfaceSnap is convenient to use where one cable mostly stays put while another, such as an iPhone’s Lightning Cable is constantly being unattached and reattached. 

To use the SurfaceSnap, just peel the adhesive backing off and attach it to any smooth surface. Use the metal snap to add or remove cables. Voila! That’s it.

Review overview


The Pros

  • The best-looking cable management solution available
  • easy to attach and remove
  • very durable design

The Cons

  • There are cheaper options


9.8There are less expensive alternatives, but when 30 bucks can get you three premium products that can help with cable management, why bother?

Dennis Sellers
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