TunesKit iOS System Recovery Review

Are you looking for a reliable iOS bug fixer? 

If yes, you have landed at the right place because here, we will review one of the best and most popular software named TunesKit iOS System Recovery that can resolve iOS related issues straight from your computer.

TunesKit iOS System Recovery lets you promptly resolve any iOS issue without contacting Apple’s technical assistance.

So continue reading if you want to know more about this iOS System repair tool.

What is TunesKit iOS System Recovery?

This software allows you to resolve typical software troubles that iOS users worldwide encounter, such as getting stuck on the boot screen, iOS system repair, phone not turning on, software freezes, boot loops, and more. Because the software is meant to be simple, even a non-technical person can use it.

Moreover, this software assists you in recovering from significant issues with your iPhone without having to worry about service delays or wasting your hard-earned money on service fees. TunesKitallows you to recover from even the most severe problems, such as iOS update failures and data corruption. This application is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows.

Furthermore, it can also assist you in quickly downgrading iOS to a prior version. You may also use this software to resolve any errors you may have when using iTunes to restore or backup your device. Furthermore, it may enter or exit recovery mode with a single touch when the iPhone gets stuck.

Features of TunesKitiPhone Recovery

All iOS Versions Are Fully Supported: 

TunesKit iOS System Recovery is compatible with all iOS versions, including the most recent iOS 15. As a result, it can read and fix earlier iPhones. Unfortunately, only a few iOS system repair toolsprovide this assistance.

Intuitive Interface: 

The tools are well-organized on the main interface, making it simple to choose the right solution for addressing your iOS/tvOS device problem. This tool is easy to use for both advanced users and non-techies.

Excellent iOS and tvOS Modes: 

This application has two distinct modes for various issues: standard and advanced. Select Standard Mode if your device is encountering minor troubles. If you can’t get the device to work in Standard Mode, you can try Advanced Mode. However, it is essential to note that Advance Mode will wipe all data on the connected device.


TunesKit iOS System repair toolcan be used on a Mac or Windows computer to recover your iPhone or Apple device. The application comes in two versions, allowing you to use it on any machine. In addition, it does not necessitate a lot of computer resources: just 200 MB of hard disc space and 256 MB of RAM are required. It is compatible with Windows XP and later and iOS 7 and later. This implies that you may still utilize an outdated PC to repair your Apple device with TunesKit iOS System Recovery.

Easy Procedure

The repairing process of iOS is pretty simple. The device can be recovered in only three easy steps. All you have to do is choose the appropriate repair option, then download the firmware file, and it will restore iOS to its original state.


Even the most inexperienced newbie can use this tool, “TunesKit iOS System Recovery,” to repair their iPhone. You won’t have to pay to have your device fixed or untangled.

How To Use TunesKit iOS System Recovery?

This recovery tool from TunesKit offers a step-by-step approach to resolving any issue that may arise with your iOS devices. A Standard Mode and an Advanced Mode, on the other hand, can be distinguished.

Standard Mode

Standard Mode assists you in restoring your device without losing data when you need to repair typical issues such as an iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode. Simply connect your device, choose Standard Mode and the device you just connected, and follow the on-screen instructions. After downloading a firmware package, the program will automatically restore your device.

Advanced Mode

This mode can repair more complex issues on your devices, but it will wipe all of your data, so use it only when the Standard Mode isn’t working. Enter DFU Mode on your device for this approach. Instructions will appear on the screen. Then, as with the Standard approach, the tool will download and install firmware on your device to restore it. After the procedure is finished, you can click Done and disconnect your device from your computer in both Standard and Advanced Modes after the procedure is finished.

Is it Safe to Use TuneskitiPhone Recovery?

This is a legitimate and safe-to-use iPhone recovery tool with many capabilities for recovering data from your broken iPhone or other iOS devices.

Pricing of TunesKit iOS System Recovery 

For Windows & Mac Users

1-Month License – $29.95 (1 iDevice and Unlimited PCs)

1-Year License – $39.95 (2 iDevices and Unlimited PCs)

Lifetime License – $49.95 (5 iDevices and Unlimited PCs)

Pros & Cons of TunesKit iOS System Recovery 


  • There’s a Mac version and a Windows version.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • It can solve practically any problem you could have with an Apple device.
  • You may restore your device to Standard Mode without losing your crucial data.


  • TunesKit can fix only iOS system problems.
  • Only a limited set of features are available in the free trial edition.

Wrapping Up

TunesKit iOS System Recovery is a terrific application for efficiently resolving software-related issues with iOS devices. The primary benefit of this tool is that it does not require users to have any technical expertise to resolve issues with their devices. It’s crucial to note, however, that this software can only resolve software faults on iOS devices. It can’t fix hardware problems.

Overall, the functionalities in this software should make it simple to restore your iOS or tvOS devices from the comfort of your own home by just hitting a button. And the best part is that this iOS system repair tool provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about your money.

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