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Tudio Klip can help prevent Lightning cables from fraying

By Aaron Lee

Trouble with fraying Lightning and 30-pin cables? Try the Tudio Klip, a two-piece plastic clip that snaps onto Lightning or 30-pin Apple charging cables, protecting the sensitive area of the cable that most frequently frays and splits.

The clip works by creating a cage around the cable, preventing wear and tear and limiting how much the cable can bend. The Klip comes in five different colors with a design that complements the current styling of Apple charging cables. Measuring 0.59 inches in length and .08 ounces it adds little bulk to the cable.

One $7.99 pack of Klips comes with two clips, one for each end of the cable. Users simply slide on the colored piece over the cable and then snap on the other half. Once on, the sturdy device locks the frequently fraying cable parts into place. By protecting the original Apple chargers, Klip eliminates the need to purchase cheaper aftermarket cables, which may not be supported by the device it’s meant to charge, ultimately causing charging and syncing issues.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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