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Totallee’s minimalist car charger works great (and I really like its automatic arms feature)

If you’re looking for a minimalist wireless car charger, Totallee’s Wireless Car Charger fills the bill. At $59, it’s reasonably priced and, except for a tendency to spotlight fingerprints on its glossy surface, well designed.

The Wireless Car Charger is easy to install and use with its secure vent grip mount and automatic closure. The latter is thanks to the super-cool automatic arms, my favorite feature. Just insert your iPhone into the charger, and it starts fast-charging. The ball-and-socket joint allows you to mount your phone at just about any angle. To free the smartphone, just tap on the touch-sensor release areas.

Speaking of charging, it has a maximum charging output of 7.5W for Macs. The Wireless Car Charger can juice up iPhones with most case. However, you’ll have to remove any with metal plates/rings before charging.

As you might guess, the Totallee device has to be plugged into your vehicle. If your car has a USB-A charging port, you’re good to go. If I doesn’t, you have to fork out an adapter, which should set you back around $10.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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