Top Gaming Emulators for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Console games are a relishing treat for gamers all across the globe. Right from the exciting gameplay to the captivating storyline, everything about console titles is synonymous with everlasting entertainment.

Looking through the immense popularity, you may conveniently feel motivated to enjoy these titles with friends and family. Working through the concern, the software market has introduced a host of emulator programs for playing console games on different devices. The following article discusses some of the best gaming emulators for running these titles on iPhones and iPads.

Best Gaming Emulators for iPhones and iPads

  1. Delta Emulator


Leading the list is the Delta emulator that is greatly preferred by admirers of the Nintendo console titles. The program perfectly mimics your favorite games belonging to the Super Nintendo, Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64, and various other platforms. The emulator grants you the flexibility to establish wireless connections with Xbox One and PS4 on an iPhone.

You can further, use wireless keyboards to enhance the gaming experience. Downloading and installing the emulator on your iOS device, followed by importing the ROM files of a preferred title is enough to relish the game. The emulator facilitates game syncing on Google Drive and Dropbox for an improvised experience.

  1. DolphiniOS Emulator

The DolphiniOS emulator is popular software dedicated to delivering a high-end gaming experience of console titles on iOS devices. Demonstrating excellent compatibility with iPhones, the program works well with jailbroken as well as non-jailbroken iPhones. You can emulate and enjoy almost any of the Wii, GameCube, and Nintendo titles on this iOS emulator.

The software is compatible with iOS 12.0 and later versions and greets you with a host of exciting features. The prominent attractions of the program include physical controllers, motion control emulation, graphics settings, save states, and high resolution. Downloading the DolphiniOS emulator on your iPhone and iPad does not cost you a penny.

  1. GBA Emulator for iOS

This one is a power-packed console game emulator for iOS devices, with a diversity of appealing features. The program allows you to enjoy your preferred console titles in the portrait and landscape screen settings, fast-forward the gameplay, and save your game progress. The emulator’s multiplayer functionality lets you enjoy these games on your iPhone with friends and family.

You will, however, need a composite cable connection to use the facility. An additional requirement is to connect all the gaming devices through the same network. The program is further, compatible with the AirPlay functionality of your iPhone. This feature helps you to present your gameplay sessions on an additional screen.

  1. iNDS Emulator

Moving ahead with the list, there is the iNDS emulator program that is dedicated to sorting out the concern of mimicking console games on iOS devices. The software is widely preferred for enjoying Nintendo titles on iPhones. This emulation tool is powered by an efficient DeSmuME threaded ARM interpreter.

Major attractions of the program include in-app customizations, Dropbox support, Cloud hosting, etc. Working with this emulator, you can enjoy your favorite console games on the landscape as well as portrait display screens. The software is available for free download and does not require Jailbreaking of iOS devices.

  1. PPSSPP Emulator for iOS

The PPSSPP emulator is the popular and preferred software for mimicking games of the portable PlayStation console. Although the program works well on non-jailbroken iOS devices, you can conveniently use the emulator on jailbroken iPhones and iPads. The flexibility is dedicated to improvising your overall playing experience.

The program further allows you to connect wireless keyboards and customize the on-screen touch controls for saving the game progress. The gameplay can hence, be resumed as and when you like. You can also record and share your favorite gaming sessions through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The one-click gameplay functionality prevents you from downloading a separate emulator for every console.

  1. Happy Chick Emulator

Last but not the least, the Happy Chick emulator is an effective program to walk through the concern of playing console games on iOS devices. The major highlight of this emulation software is its one-click access functionality. The feature allows you to enjoy a host of gaming titles through a single installation. You can hence, relish all your favorite games on PlayStation, Nintendo, and 18 such consoles.

You can enjoy console games with your friends and family on this emulator through LAN cables by using the latter’s online multiplayer facility. The game progress can further be saved and configured on cloud spaces. The program is conveniently compatible with all iOS versions. It is, however, recommended to install the emulator on devices that have a minimum of 2GB of storage space.

The emulation of console titles for an entertaining gaming experience is a visibly popular concept. Paying heed to the flexibility, listed here are some of the most preferred emulator programs for enjoying these titles on iOS devices.

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