Top 5 Apple TV Series to Watch Right Now

Apple purportedly speeds up plans for an ad-supported Apple TV+ tier.

Thanks to the development of Internet technologies, people no longer need to visit cinemas as often as 20-30 years ago. Now you just need to connect to any site and enjoy watching. Apple has long understood that streaming is the future of the content industry. That is why Apple TV has become one of the key business segments for the company. Thanks to talented directors, screenwriters, and actors, you can enjoy great video content. Here are the top five Apple TV series worth checking out.

The Morning Show

So here’s one of the most popular TV shows you should know about. The Morning Show is a story about a television show watched by millions of people. The main hosts are Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. The actresses perfectly showed all the complexities of the profession, intrigue, and betrayal. The series became extremely popular due to its realism, plot twists, and humor. 

You should watch at least a couple of the first episodes to see this for yourself. Enjoy watching. But don’t forget that you can get carried away and forget about your daily activities. Maybe you should tell someone, “Do my paper for me, dude.” Nothing should distract you from such a show.

Ted Lasso

Imagine an American football coach who decides to travel to the UK to coach Richmond FC. Doesn’t that sound like a ridiculous joke? However, despite the situation’s absurdity, Ted Lasso shows unprecedented ingenuity and strategic thinking and helps the football team. This series was filmed in the USA, but the attention to detail is sure to be appreciated by the UK audience. 

The director made interesting accents and skillfully showed the difference between British and American culture. However, this show is very motivational and positive, so you should watch a few episodes. But what if you are a student and are short on time? Then you can use the paper writing help search query to find someone to help you with your assignments. So don’t waste your time and enjoy the show!

Defending Jacob

Surely you are used to the fact that Chris Evans has been playing Captain America for many years. But that guy is a very talented actor and can easily handle more multifaceted roles. Defending Jacob is a series based on a novel of the same name. According to the backstory, a father must defend his son in court. Jacob, the son of a lawyer, allegedly committed the murder. 

Now his father will have to find out the whole truth and protect his son at all costs. The main advantage of the series is its excellent actors and excellent staging of scenes. It is thanks to these aspects that you will receive aesthetic pleasure while watching each episode.


And here is one of the first series to appear on Apple TV. SEE is the original project of the company and an attempt to look at the post-apocalypse genre from a different angle. According to prehistory, humanity has lost technology and was divided into small tribes. All people have lost the ability to see and rely only on sight and smell. But in the family of one warrior, children were born who could see the world around them. Now they have to fight for their lives, as some survivors see them as a danger. 

By the way, this series will be of interest to all fans of Jason Momoa. It’s worth noting that the battle scenes, visuals, and music are pretty epic. To be sure, the show is just the beginning of Apple’s journey towards top-notch content. However, you should watch a couple of episodes to enjoy the original storyline. Then, free some time to see the battles of primitive people. Even if you are a student, you can tell someone, “write essay for me.” Now you will have enough time to watch serials.

For All Mankind

And here is the last series on this list. For All Mankind is a new look at how the Cold War might end if Russia won. What if Soviet astronauts were the first to land on the moon? Well, you can easily find out if you watch the new science fiction series. The plot is quite original, although you can see a few clichés and classic stereotypes. However, you will surely be delighted with the plot twists, visuals, and a great soundtrack. This series will delight all fans of fantasy novels and conspiracy theories.

Final Words

Now you know that Apple has no intention of becoming an outsider in the streaming industry. The fact is that this company has attracted many famous directors and screenwriters to create dozens of TV series and films. As a result, we may soon see more great content. Apple has a lot of ambitions and wants to compete with Netflix on equal terms. For you, this means an increase in the number of interesting shows that you should watch.

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