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Top 10 iPhone and iPad apps for writers

By Beatrix Potter

Got a thought in your head you just need to get written down somewhere before it gets pushed out as the day to day tasks of “don’t forget to buy bread” or “must call mom” fill up the space instead?  Or do you need an app that can help you pimp up and polish your ideas?

There are a great range of apps for writers out there at the Apple App Store, but some you spend more time learning how to use than writing in. Check out this list of the best apps for writers and find the help you need to write that bestseller.


This is a handy note-taking app, 1Writer lets you jot down thoughts and do research for your projects, as well as being compatible with Dropbox and iCloud Drive for easy syncing. Great for those that write in Markdown, this app also enables you to create JavaScript and URL actions that work for you.

iA Writer

This app is designed to minimize distractions when writing by being simple in design and easy to use. It’s essentially a word processor app offering some advanced features to help edit your work. Like 1Writer, you can also sync across Dropbox and iCloud and publish direct to certain platforms.


With this app, you can get all your tools in one app, make notes and organize your thoughts, write long documents and import other media you need to help you work. This app offers formatting tools, and a handy side by side feature so you can flip between research and your writing.


Another word processing app, Ulysses is an extremely popular iOS creation due to ease of use, design and tools included. It offers customization options, a variety of export choices and syncs across your devices.


This is a great editor tool with easy to use functions – especially if you work in Markdown as it has built in support. Again, it syncs across the cloud and allows you to export your finished work as PDFs and HTML docs. 

Writing Kit

Full of great tools to help you write and edit your work, this app also comes with an integrated browser so that you can easily do your research and add quick links when you want them. You can export to different apps to boost your creative output, as well as export your work and sync to Dropbox. 


Use Bear simply to jot down and keep track of your thoughts, notes and to do lists – but also use Bear for your bigger projects. “Simple in design, there’s several options that add to the flexibility of this app whether editing text, organising ideas and importing other files such as images to add to your output. Like most of the other apps on this list you can also sync between Mac and iOS devices,” explains Daniel Smith, a tech blogger at State Of Writing and Paper Help.


Especially useful on an iPad, Simplenote is essentially that -a simple way to make notes and get your thoughts down before they slip away. With similar syncing as the other apps mentioned, this no frills app is great if you just want to get those words out of your head so that you can come back and do something with them another time.


Pages is designed by Apple so is great for iPhone and iPad, but the designers also cleverly worked it as an iOS device too. This word processor offers so much extra, with templates for all sorts of writing, the ability to import images, and a good array of editing tools,” says Adam Kirk, a writer at Australianhelp and Essayroo. You can also collaborate with others on a document in this app – even at the same time, which can boost creativity.


Boost your vocabulary and wordiness with this app and use it to aid your research for projects by taking advantage of the dictionary and thesaurus function that work on and offline. Not only do you get all the normal definition, synonyms and antonyms, you can customize the app to help you become more loquacious in your bigger projects.

So, which of these gets your vote and which will help you on your way to becoming the next big name in writing? Hopefully one of this top 10!

Beatrix Potter is a writer at Professional Essay Writers and English Essay Help. She writes about content engagement for businesses; she also is a manager at Write My Essay website.  

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