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Today is the deadline for offering feedback on net neutrality

By the end-of-day (Eastern time), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is stopping to accept all feedback on its proposal to reverse net neutrality.

Without waiting for the official revocation of the neutrality rules, such companies as Verizon have started to meddle with Internet traffic. It’s been reported that Verizon has been throttling streaming speeds for video services such as Netflix, capping the streaming at 10Mbps.

Instead of undoing the net neutrality order wholesale, the FCC is essentially splitting it up into two parts: one part undoes the legal authority used to implement net neutrality — a classification known as “Title II” — and the other part asks whether or not it should keep the rules, such as no blocking or throttling websites, that were implemented.

Despite the record number of comments — almost 22 million — on the proposal, the FCC leadership has consistently said they will only pay attention to the quality of the comments, not the quantity.

If you make your voice heard, go to the listing for the “Restoring Internet Freedom” proposal. If you want to write a note explaining your views or answer of the many questions in the NPRM, click “Express.” If you want to attach a more substantial analysis or chart, use “New Filing.”

You can also contact FCC chairman Ajit Pai and let him know what you think by emailing him: You can also call the FCC at 1-888-225-5322. At the prompt, press 1, then 4, then 2, then 0 to be connected to an agent and file a complaint.

Dennis Sellers
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