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TimePorter is a great accessory for road warriors with an Apple Watch

One of the drawbacks of the Apple Watch is its (relatively) short battery life. It has about 2.5 to 4 hours of active use and around 19 hours of passive use. This means when I head to west Tennessee to visit the siblings, my smartwatch isn’t going to last through the weekend. 

I can pack along my charging devices pell mell in my travel bag — or I can have them organized and traveling in style with the $49.99 TimePorter from Twelve South. It looks like an eyeglasses case (in fact, it can double as that when you’re not traveling with your Apple Watch), but the capsule is both a case and a stand. 

The silicon-lined TimePorter has room for a charging cable, an extra Watch band, and a USB charger. One of the great things about it is that it makes it easy to manage the extra long Watch cable, whose length is handy but which can be unruly in transit. With the TimePorter, you can spool the cable and feed out just enough of it to reach the nearest outlet. To use the Twelve South gadget for charging, just pop your charging disc into the integrated opening atop the TimePorter, then drape your Apple Watch across the top to charge. 

If that’s all it did, the TimePorter would be functional enough. However, with the smartwatch resting on it you can conveniently open the case to a variety of angles and use it as a viewing stand. This makes it easy to use the Apple Watch as an alarm (as I do), keep an eye on the time, or check notifications.

If you’re rarely away from home for more than a day with your smartwatch, or if you don’t mind dealing with a tangled charge cable, the TimePorter isn’t for you. But road warriors who need a flexible case/stand for their Apple Watch will find it very useful.

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