Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Tim Cook: Apple will ‘do more’ in the pro area

During a Q&A session at today’s shareholder meeting held at Apple’s Cupertino, California campus, Apple CEO Tim Cook told investors that the company is still very much focused on its professional and creative pro customers and will “do more” in the pro area. 

“You will see us do more in the pro area,” Cook said. “The pro area is very important to us. The creative area is very important to us in particular.” 

He was also asked about a touchscreen Mac. Cook didn’t explicitly deny that such a thing might happen, but said that he sees the iPad and the Mac as two separate product lines that serve different purposes. 

“Expect us to do more and more where people will view it as a laptop replacement, but not a Mac replacement – the Mac does so much more,” the CEO said. “To merge these worlds, you would lose the simplicity of one, and the power of the other.” 

In other comments, Cook said:

  • They can’t make enough” Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatches — and last quarter was the best one yet for the wearable device.
  • AirPods aren’t just a hit, they’re a “cultural phenomenon.”
  • The 2018 shareholders meeting will be held in the Steve Jobs Theater at the new Apple Park headquarters.
  • Apple is working to improve diversity across both the company and its suppliers.
  • Apple “stays out of politics but stay in policy. If Net Neutrality became a top thing, we would definitely engage in it.”
Dennis Sellers
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