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Tim Cook: Apple is putting a ‘ton’ of investment into Siri

In an interview with Jim Cramer at CNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company is putting a “ton” of investment into Siri, which is being used on more than 500 million devices worldwide.

He says the personal digital assistant is used over 10 billion times a month in 21 different languages and approximately 30 countries. Cook said Apple’s goal is to create a global product.

“We’re not in every country yet. We want to be,” he added. “And if you want something that is something that has been created on your device, Siri is the best place to do that. And I think I get more and more great things every day. The quality is going up. You know, voice is a never-ending journey. We all speak a little bit differently. I have a southern dialect, not as southern as I used to. But there’s a lot of stuff to do there. But I’m highly confident in our ability to keep innovating like crazy there.

Dennis Sellers
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