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Three music companies file an injunction against Apple for rule-breaking App Store apps

Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music and a division of Warner have filed applications for a preliminary injunction against Apple at the Moscow City Court. The complaints target three apps, all currently available on the App Store, that reportedly enable users to access music without paying for it, reports TorrentFreak.

The apps are PewPee: Music Player (which provides a Spotify-like experience for users), icus ( a music streaming app), and Music Downloader & Player (an ad-based streaming service).

As noted by TorrentFreak, the injunction follows a new Russian law designed to quickly remove piracy-enabling apps from the download stores of companies including Apple and Google. The legislation requires Internet distribution platforms to quickly respond to allegations of copyright infringement by either asking developers to remove their “pirate” apps or if that proves fruitless, to remove them anyway. Failing to do either could result in platforms operated by Apple, Google and other entities being blocked by local ISPs.

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