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Three Apple patent filings hint at a ‘Magic Mouse Pro,’ perhaps with Vision Pro support

Here's a Magic Mouse Pro concept from Yanko Design.

I’ve long wished Apple would release a “Magic Mouse Pro” and three newly filed patents by the tech giant hint that such a device might be in the works.

The first patent filing (number US 20240103656 A1) is for a “multi-mode mouse.” It involves a computer mouse with an exterior grip portion and an internal volume, a sensor assembly disposed in the internal volume, and an emitter electrically coupled to the sensor assembly. 

In response to the sensor assembly detecting a first touch input on the housing, the emitter sends a first signal including information regarding an angular position of the grip portion. In response to the sensor assembly detecting a second touch input on the housing, the emitter sends a second signal including information regarding a direction of a force exerted on the housing from the second touch input.

In other words, it’s for a mouse capable of providing improved user experiences with multiple input modes without the need for additional components and moving parts.

The second Apple patent filing (number US 20240103643 A1) is simply dubbed “input device.” It involves a mouse with a tilt sensor. User-specified functions could be accomplished by tilting the mouse at specific angles.

The third Apple patent filing (number US 20240103642 A1) is for an “input device for three-dimensional control.” And it involves a mouse that could be used with not only a Mac or iPad, but with the Apple Vision Pro. This mouse would provide three-dimensional tracking systems that would allow a user to manipulate a 3D object.

Dennis Sellers
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