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This Week’s Sponsor: Realmac Software

This week’s sponsor of Apple World Today is Realmac Software, the developers behind such amazing apps as Clear, Typed, RapidWeaver and Ember.

Realmac is making its incredible Mac Markdown editor Typed available to Apple World Today readers this week for 20% off — that’s $4, £3, or €4 — the regular price of the app. Typed presents writers with a minimal user interface that just gets out of the way and allows you to do the thing you’re really good at — writing.  

Realmac currently has a Indiegogo project in progress that’s currently at 366% of its goal — and that’s for the service. It’s planned as a blogging platform using the Typed app as the entry point, creating an easy-to-use, sustainable blogging service that anyone can use. Disclosure: I am a backer of this project as I believe that many current blogging platforms are too difficult for many people to use.

Typed isn’t the only app that Realmac makes, of course. Ember ($49.99) is a powerful Mac app described as a “visual scrapbook for the mind.” Taking photos or screenshots,  annotating them, organizing your images, grabbing images from favorite websites automatically — you name it, Ember can do it. 

The first app many of us associated with Realmac is RapidWeaver ($89.99), once a competitor to Apple’s iWeb app and now probably the best standalone website creation app on the market. Using customizable templates, incredibly fast upload/update capabilities, and a huge library of over 1,000 add-ons providing extension of the app, RapidWeaver brings ease of use and power to Mac-based web design.

We had a long relationship with Realmac over the years that we were at TUAW. We not only got to know many of the fine people who work for the company in Brighton, England, but often had the opportunity to see and use some of their groundbreaking applications before they were available to the general public. The editors of Apple World Today are honored to have Realmac Software as a sponsor this week. 


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