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This Week’s Sponsor: It’s About Time Products and Disk App

This week’s sponsor is It’s About Time Products, featuring the amazing Disk App (US$1.99) for Mac. We’ll also take a look at two new apps from this developer on Friday… can you imagine what platform they might possibly run on?

I had the opportunity to do a full review of Disk App back in the TUAW days, and I have to say that it’s probably one of the best two-dollar investments any Mac owner can make. Unlike other Mac apps that promise to clean up old or unused files, Disk App shows you what’s taking up space in various places on your Mac but gives you control over what is or isn’t deleted. As a result, once you’ve chosen the files or categories of files (i.e., Cache, App Logs, Old iOS versions, Downloads) to delete, you can press the “Click to free” button with confidence that you’re not deleting needed files.

When I did my first test of Disk App, I found a whopping 31.34 GB of space to clean up on my work iMac. Just today as I was writing this sponsor note I decided to run Disk App one more time. In seconds I had found another 8.9 GB of files that I was able to delete with a click. I’ve now added a “Run Disk App” recurring item to my Mac calendar for every three months to keep things running efficiently.

It’s About Time has a number of other fun and useful apps, including one that’s always a click away in my menu bar — Controls+ ($0.99), which you can think of as “Control Center for Mac”. I also recommend the free Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets app for anyone who is new to the Mac, as it’s full of ways to make the most of using OS X.

Thanks again to It’s About Time Products for supporting Apple World Today, and be sure to keep an eye on the AWT home page on Thursday afternoon when we help unveil the company’s newest app!

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