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Thinking about paying for the Moviepass service? Think again

If you’re thinking about signing up for the Moviepass subscription service, you should proceed with caution. My experience says that you could lose your money and that their customer service is horrible.

Moviepass is an American subscription-based movie ticketing service that allows (at least in theory) subscribers to purchase a single movie ticket per day for a flat subscription fee of about $10 per month. The service utilizes a mobile app, where users check-into a cinema and choose a film and showtime, which results in the cost of the ticket being loaded to a prepaid debit card, which is used to purchase the ticket from the cinema as usual.

To a movie buff like me, that sounds fantastic. However, Moviepass was offering a special — $89 for an annual subscription — so my daughter bought me one as an early Christmas present. 

However, when I tried to activate my MoviePass app on my iPhone, it told me that my email address ( wasn’t valid. However, it is. In fact, it’s the email address at which I get notices from MoviePass. 

I’ve been trying since Dec. 2 to get the issue resolved, with no luck. The only message I received from repeated emails sent to Moviepass’s customer service was a Dec. 7 note to “make sure there is not a space in front or behind your e-mail when you try to login.” As I responded, there’s not. 

I’ve asked them to cancel my subscription and refund my money (to my daughter). She has requested the same to no avail.

Note that my daughter bought an annual Moviepass subscription for herself, and it works fine so far. However, based on my experience, doing any business with the company is a risk. Proceed with caution.

Dennis Sellers
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