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The Vision Pro battery is a bit bulky, but may work well enough for most folks

Apple Vision Pro battery

The battery that comes with the Apple Vision Pro is a bit bulkier and under-powered, but, if you’re like me, it will suffice.

Why? Simply because I don’t mind myself walking around that much with the spatial headset. I tend to be sitting and using it to watch videos, movies, or using it as a display with my Mac, so I can simply plug the Vision Pro into a power outlet.

The silver Vision Pro battery is about the width and height of an iPhone 15 Pro, but thicker, and weights about 11.5 ounces. It sports a proprietary connector for attaching to the headset, and a USB-C port for charging via the included 30W wall charger. The connector is connected to the Vision Pro by rotating it a quarter turn to lock it into place.

Apple will happily sell you an additional battery for $199.99. Two batteries are nice, but you should note that they’re not hot-swappable. When you disconnect a battery, the Vision Pro powers off. This means you’ll have to manually reboot it when you connect a new battery.

Apple says the Vision Pro provides up to two hours of battery life overall, and up to 2.5 hours for 2D video playback. I experienced a little better performance: almost three hours when watching movies on Apple TV+.

If, unlike me, you plan on using the Vision Pro while up and moving. Your might as well spring an extra $49.95 for the Belkin Battery Holder (pictured above). It offers a quick and easy way to clip the battery onto a belt or pants, while the cross-body strap gives those without clip access a way to be hands-free while experiencing the spatial computer.

Dennis Sellers
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