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The Ultimate Q4 Mac Freebie Bundle

The Apple World Today Deals Shop always has some great bargains, but how often do we let you have something for FREE? Not very often! Today we have a fun bundle of seven Mac utilities worth $73.95, available for the price of FREE! Did we mention that this is FREE? Get your Q4 Mac Freebie Bundle today!

Here’s what you get, all for the low, low price of $0.00:

Clipsy Clipboard Manager

Ever wished you didn’t have to keep jumping between windows to copy and paste different information? Clipsy makes it easy. This app stores all that you’ve copied and cut in the past, so you can quickly find the text, image, doc, or link you need. You can access the clipboard history from the menu bar or search for it by enabling a shortcut. Before you know it, you’ll be able to access your frequently copied items fast.

  • Remembers 9,999 clipboard records

  • Displays type of file w/ thumbnails

  • Allows you to search from clipboard history

  • Edit copied text & url from the menubar

  • Can exclude apps to restrict Clipsy to record clipboard history

Cover Desk

Work smarter and more seamlessly with this all-in-one desktop utility. Cover Desk incorporates four utilities: Hide Desktop, Window Focus, Window Tint, and Display Mode. Working together, these four apps will help you focus more on the task at hand while also protecting your eyes by optimizing the color temperature and focus at all times.

  • Hide all desktop icons w/ just a click

  • Focus only on the display window for better visibility

  • Get a healthy display color temperature based on the day or night

  • Get Retina capability on any of your internal or externally conencted monitors & projectors

WiFi Signal Strength Status

Want to be sure you’re always on the strongest network? WiFi Signal Strength Status automatically connects to the strongest available WiFi signal nearby and collects every bit of information available so you can be sure you’re always connecting fast and safely.

  • Monitor real-time WiFi signal strength & show the WiFi strength in percentage w/ connected network name

  • Auto connect to the strongest signal available

  • Get all details of other available networks around

  • See the strength, IP address, & speed of connected network

  • Get Mac address, open or secured, channels, BSSID, RSSI, Noise, Transmit Rate, PHY, interface mode, security type, & more network information

Mission Control Plus

With Mission Control Plus, decluttering your open windows becomes a breeze. This utility allows you to make app windows manageable in Mission Control. You’ll now not just be able to close windows with just a mouse click or a keyboard shortcut, but also be able to quickly navigate open windows and quit apps without leaving Mission Control.

  • Close windows straight from Mission Control

  • Press ⌘W to close a window

  • Use ⌘M to minimize a window

  • Press ↵ to open a window

  • Use ⌘Q to quit an app

AirRadar 5

Finding a free WiFi network while on vacation or in an unfamiliar place can be a nightmare. Using advanced GPS technology, AirRadar scans and places all networks on a map. While walking or driving, AirRadar automatically updates the location of networks when it finds a better signal elsewhere. AirRadar can also provide insight into optimizing your home network and reducing interference from other signals. The calmest, or even unused, WiFi channels are presented with every scan.

  • Connect to any Wi-Fi network type

  • Identify the best location of a network’s signal w/ the GPS integration feature

  • Automatically join the best network when it comes into range

  • View incredibly detailed information including encryption types, beacon intervals, vendor, channel bands, spec & more

Data Guardian 5

Leaving Post-It notes attached to your monitor to remember passwords is a major security risk! In a world plagued by privacy concerns, trust in Data Guardian’s 448-bit strong Blowfish encryption to keep your mind at ease! The flexible and intuitive design of Data Guardian makes entering a wide range of data a breeze. Every record in databases can be custom-tailored to suit the type of information entered. Select from one of many different field types such as dates, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, web address, dropdown menus, checkboxes and more.

  • Save & reuse data presets

  • Synchronize w/ Mac OS X’s keychain to always have your passwords with you when you need them

  • Create regular collections to sort records or have Data Guardian automatically manage that for you w/ Smart Collections

  • Specify a format and generate fresh random passwords on the fly

  • Quickly browse your database w/ the floating Quick Browser

  • Easily import from common formats like text, CSV, vCards, Address Book & more

Workspaces 1.5

Meet your personal project assistant! Workspaces is an app that allows you to launch specified resources like files, folders, apps, websites, URLs, and e-mails. With just a single click, all the things you need for your work like apps, documents or websites will be open at once. It keeps everything in place. You can focus on your work only. With this app chances of getting distracted are limited — you are provided with a list of stuff you actually need.

  • Drag & drop all the important files and folders

  • Press ⌘D or Duplicate in the contextual menu to work on similar Workspaces

  • Click Advanced button when editing the resource & choose the app you need

  • Archived unused workspaces & restore them anytime

  • Easily navigate the Menubar window using only your keyboard

There’s only one thing to know about your FREE bundle of Mac utilities: If you redeem this deal, your email address will be given to vendors. Of course, you’ll be given the opportunity to opt out of emails in the future.

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