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The Touchtype Pro is coming to the smaller iPads

Touchtype is working on the Touchtype Pro for the iPad and is conducting a crowdfunding campaign to finance it. CEO Salman Sajid says it’s the most versatile iPad Keyboard case for these reasons:

It holds the Apple Magic Keyboard. Perfect for those who want to transition to an iPad for work, but don’t want to sacrifice their typing productivity — or wrist health — to do it. The keyboard can also flip behind the iPad when not in use.

Unlike Apple’s Smart Keyboard, the keyboard holder is detachable so you can leave it behind. The cover automatically adjusts to form-fit either situation.

It not only has a place to store the Apple Pencil but also headphones or a charging cable. Most cases only have room for only the Apple Pencil.

It’s stable on your lap, allowing the iPad Pro to fulfill its destiny as a worthy laptop replacement.

The Touchtype Pro will come in two versions: 1) one for just the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and 2) one that fits both the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. No 12.9-inch version is planned yet, as Touchtype is focusing on smaller iPads for now since their respective Apple keyboards are still not full-size. Darn! I really want one for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The Touchtype Pro is slated to be available on Kickstarter late-July/early-August with final delivery in the fourth quarter.

“For those wary of crowdfunding, we successfully crowdfunded and delivered the original Touchtype in 2012 so we have the experience and resources to do the same for the Touchtype Pro,” Sajid says. “The 9.7-inch version is ready to go into production.

The price will be $99 retail. However, “Super Early Bird” backers will get a 50% discount ($49).

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