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The SurfacePad: its beauty is not only skin deep

Twelve South’s $69.99 SurfacePad for the iPad mini 4 is a great product for those who are looking for a cover with features, if not necessarily a case for protection. 

The SurfacePad has an adhesive back that sticks on to the back surface of the iPad. Applying it can be a little tricky. However, the great thing about repositioning the adhesion is there is not any residue left behind. Even now, after using my SurfacePad for a solid two months, I can peal back the adhesion and see there will not be any residue remaining when I decide to change to a different case. However, I doubt that the SurfacePad will have enough adhesion left to be reused at a later time.

Once my SurfacePad was securely in place that is it, I was ready to begin anew; —  or so I thought. While the SurfacePad provides a “hidden” stand for typing, it falls easily and is not extremely functional if you add any pressure to your iPad. Still, with some finagling you can learn where and where not to put pressure. 

The biggest drawback for me while using the SurfacePad for my iPad mini was the case itself. When you open up the front cover and fold it back, it is quite easy to lose your grip on your iPad (at least for those with small hands). Several times I found myself holding onto the case while it fell forward like an accordion. Most of these “gotchas” are easy to work out while you are getting to know your new SurfacePad.

The SurfacePad is certainly a great product for those looking for a sleek design without bulk. The hands-free viewing stand works like a charm (as long as you remain hands off). The magnetic strip turns you iPad on and off, saving your iPad sleep/ wake button from over use. That’s my favorite feature.

Overall I would recommend Twelve South’s SurfacePad. Keep in mind it is beautiful and useful, but ultimately not going to provide much protection.

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