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The SnapPower Charger offers an inexpensive, easy way to add a USB port to an electrical outlet

Like me, you probably have a plethora of Apple gadgets around your house. It would be nice to have electrical outlets with a USB charging port. Now you can thanks to the SnapPower Charger.

It lets you convert an outlet cover plate into a USB charger. It can be installed with no need for additional wiring. Plus, it leaves all outlets free for use. 

The charger’s low profile design provides easy access to a USB charge behind large furniture or in a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. My most used SnapPower Charger is the one by my bed; I plug my iPhone 6s Plus (which serves as my alarm clock) into it before heading off to dreamland. 

Charging times will vary depending on the actual device being charged, size of battery and manufacturer. However, it should be similar to any brand name 1 amp charger on the market. For example, the time to charge my iPhone 6s Plus to full capacity when it’s under 10% of power is a bit over two hours. 

The SnapCharger is easy to install. However — and I can’t emphasize this enough — BE SURE to turn off the power at the circuit breaker and test that the power is off at the outlet before removing the existing cover plate and proceeding with the installation.

The SnapCharger is available in white, light almond, and ivory.  A single charger is $20. You can also get ‘em in two-packs ($38), three packs ($54), and 10 packs ($160).

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