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The small and powerful Inateck 2-port Rapid Car Charger

Size isn’t everything (ask Mighty Mouse or Ant-Man if you don’t believe me). The Inateck 2-port Rapid Car Charger (US$49.99 MSRP, available on Amazon (affiliate link) for $19.99) is a perfect example of an iOS accessory that doesn’t take up a lot of space, but provides a ton of power.

The specs for the 2-port Rapid Car Charger are impressive: 6.6A of current, 33W of power, with a pair of 2.1A 5V USB ports you can plug iPads or other power-hungry devices into. But those two ports only eat up 4.2A of current — where does the other 2.4A go? 

Easy answer: there’s also a 3-foot (1 meter) MFi-compliant Lightning cable for charging your favorite iPhone or iPad. Yes, you could theoretically charge three iPads at the same time with the 2-Port Rapid Car Charger. There are other devices in the world, though, and Inateck thoughtfully provides a 4-foot (1.2 meter) USB to micro-USB cable for charging those items as well. Yes, you can throw the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 into the back seat for charging, where it belongs…

It comes in two colors — black or white. Inateck put a nice grippy material around the top of the charger so that it’s easy to pull it out of the car charging port if you need to switch it between cars. 

Unlike some car chargers that glow like a radioactive lump when you plug them in, the Rapid Car Charger just provides a nice blue LED to give you the indication that it is ready to work. 

Inexpensive, well-designed, and ready to deliver lots of power. Inateck’s 2-port Rapid Car Charger is getting a thumbs-up from me. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

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