The PlugBug is a useful accessory for a Mac laptop

The newest Mac laptops — the M1 MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro — continue the tradition of having limited ports. That’s why you might consider springing for the PlugBug from TwelveSouth. Another good reason: the accessory used to cost US$49.99, but it’s been reduced to $39.99.

Connect the PlugBug to the laptop’s USB-C Power Adapter and you’ll get back a standard USB power port. This means you can charge your Mac laptop and your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch simultaneously. 

The PlugBug is a bright red, 2.1-Amp USB wall charger that attaches to, and converts, any MacBook Power Adapter into a dual charger. What’s more, it reduces the amount of cables you’ll need to carry around.

It’s .1 Amp USB charger provides fast charge to an iPhone or iPad. It sports five AC plugs to convert a MacBook charger to fit most global electric outlets. And, conveniently, the PlugBug is compatible with Apple MagSafe Power Adapters and any USB charging cable (not included, of course).

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The Pros

  • Price is good (hey, it's cheaper than ever). Durability is good (the PlugBug isn't bothered by drops and dings). Expandability: it doesn't add a LOT of expandability (but it's not meant to).
Dennis Sellers
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