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The PITAKA MagCase is a minimalist, yet durable, iPhone case 

According to the folks at PITAKA, the $49.99 MagCase for the iPhone X is the world’s slimmest and strongest phone case ever made. It’s constructed of body armor material (aramid fiber), which is bullet-proof. Or so I’m told. Sorry, but I’m not going to test that feature.

However, it’s durable, looks good, and is paper thin and lightweight (it’s 0.65mm slim and weighs only 14 grams). It sports metal plates inside, so it can be attached to a PITAKA magnetic car mount.

It sports a non-slippery coating that’s “grippy” yet scratch resistant. (Due to the materials used to produce the case it picks up fingerprints, which you may have to use an alcoholic wipe to remove.) Despite all these features, the MagCase doesn’t interfere with Wi-Fi, GPS, or Apple Pay features of the iPhone.

However, the case is so thin that’s no “lip” to keep the screen off a flat surface. Thankfully, Pitaka includes a screen protector with the MagCase. And while it may be relatively tough, it’s not drop-rated. Still, it should offer reasonable protection if you drop your iPhone, and it lands on a corner.

If you want a case that looks good, is svelte, can handle some abuse, supports wireless charging, and can attach to a magnetic mount, the MagCase is worth a look. And Apple World Today followers can get a 10% discount with this discount codes: HelloPITAKA.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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