The NYTSTND is a great looking multi-device charger stand

In a previous review, I said that the Kensington StudioDock is the “ultimate” iPad Pro doc. However, I now must amend that statement and say that it’s tied with the NYTSTND, a next generation charing station.

The advantage the NYTSTND has over the StudioDock is that you can charge an iPad with a case on. The disadvantage of the former over the latter is that the StudioDock announces you to change the orientation of a connected iPad from horizontal to vertical as you wish.

The StudioDock also seems a little more stable on a desktop. However, it’s a lot more expensive than the Quad version of the NYTSTND as it costs US$399.99 — plus an extra $59.99 for the optional Apple Watch module.

The NYTSTND version is almost half that price. It comes in six models: the DUO MagSafe ($129), DUO TRAY MagSafe ($134), TRIO MagSafe ($179), TRIO TRAY MagSafe ($184), QUAD MagSafe ($229), and QUAD TRAY MagSafe ($234).

All are compatible with any Qi-enabled device. I’ve been testing the QUAD MagSafe model, which I really like.

It allows you to charge up to four devices via a single plug solution. It boasts MagSafe technology that can fast charge two wireless devices simultaneously. It has a built-in MFI-certified Apple Watch charger and an integrated Lightning connector for charging an Apple device while using it.

And the NYSTND looks great. It’s made of Amish-handcrafted wood with a soft grain leather top. There are 10 color options and, for an additional

Note that you should make sure you’ve firmly connected the iPad to the charging port on the dock. Push until it clicks into place. It’s easy to think you have it fully connected and it’s not.

Also note that, like the StudioDock, there’s no guarantee that future Apple products will work with the NYTSTND. 

Review overview

Build quality10

The Pros

  • Pros: Can charge up to four devices
  • fast charging
  • looks great

The Cons

  • Can’t rotate the iPad
  • not as desktop steady as the StudioDock


9.5If you’re looking for a fast, look-gooding charger/stand, the NYSTND offers good ergonomics and is great for multi-tasking.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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