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The most reliable Apple computers for writing coursework

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By James Collins

Writers use tools to transcribe their thoughts into paper or instead on devices as times have progressed. Earlier, one would use typewriters to jot down their ideas, and now times have changed, with laptops being the next big tool or device in use. 

A pre-requisite to writing great pieces, whether you’re an author, student, or an enthusiast- is to have a smooth working machine- a laptop becomes the best bet as it is portable and offers all functions and features that aid you a blissful writing experience. 

MacBook Air 2020 (with M1 chip)

The latest Apple offering, the MacBook Air 2020 with an M1 chip, is a lightning-fast lightning-fast laptop and weighs just about 2.8 pounds! Perfect and exceptionally suitable for all writers, this is the most portable laptop of all time. Other features include the all-new M1 SoC and it also has a backlit super magic keyboard and a Touch ID sensor to add to your privacy needs. 

The price of the Apple MacBook Air might be slightly on the higher side, but it is an excellent investment for writers looking for a machine that they can rely on for all their needs. To add cherry on the cake, Apple’s laptops come in an exciting range of colors that help add to the coolness quotient of your computer.  

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MacBook Pro 2020  

The MacBook Pro is a slightly more expensive and powerful version of the MacBook Air that we mentioned above. The laptops are available in a 13-inch model and offer Intel-based processors. If you are a writer who loves to keep all transcripts and drafts stored in your laptop, then the MacBook Pro is the perfect choice as it offers an expansive storage range from 256-500GB. Additionally, apple’s play store offers an array of education apps that aid in good and powerful writing.  

An interesting addition to the range of laptops is the touch panel. This is the first-ever seen panel in the range of the laptops. These are designed in a way to make everyday use easier. The laptop also offers Thunderbolt 3 ports to enable better connectivity. 

Image courtesy of Pexels 

MacBook Pro (2019)

The 2019 version of the MacBook Pro comes with a 16-inch display and is easily the best display that you can get with Apple products. The additional features include a Retina Display with a True Tone and DDR4 memory. 

This particular device is a fantastic option for aspiring writers and students as it offers a large display that allows for seamless use. The next thing to notice and wait out for is the fact that Apple is about to launch an upgraded version of the MacBook Pro, and the launch is anticipated this year. 

iMac 2021

If you are an old-school writer and prefer to have a desktop for your writing, then the iMac 2021 model is your best choice. This is a workhorse computer and offers you with Retina 5K display and a big screen. A big screen apt for long hours of use can set up your writing corner at home or office. 

An iMac is powerful enough to take up attention and light up any space that it is installed in. For years, the iMac range has been a family favorite and comes into use for all. The only downside is that it is not portable, and the screen might be rather too big for some activities. But, you make your choices owing to the needs that you have in mind.


Mac is a perfect choice for writers at work, school, and those who write out of a hobby. The above-mentioned Mac devices are all perfect for you. You can make a choice based on your needs. You know which ones to choose according to your priority. Mac offers colors ranging from Rose Gold, Space Grey, and Silver that add to your laptop’s sleek look, making you look like the uber-cool writer on the block. 

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James Collins is a prolific writer who has made inroads in the writing industry in a very short time, all due to his outstanding performance as a writer and editor. He has a 5-star rating on his academic writing profile, too, where he provides thesis and dissertation writing assistance to students. His free time is for reading tech blogs, cooking Thai food and shooting funny videos.

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