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The LockSmart Travel padlock is a great traveling companion

Hitting the road soon? Dog & Bone’s $59.95 LockSmart Travel is a TSA accepted, keyless, Bluetooth luggage padlock controlled by an iOS or Android app.

It’s equipped with a location tracking feature that allows users to track their luggage through the app when in Bluetooth range. A really nifty feature: the location feature is designed to allow users to crowdsource through the growing LockSmart community in case luggage is lost or stolen. 

 With the LockSmart, you can simultaneously manage multiple locks from anywhere in the world, easily granting or removing shared access to other users via “virtual keys.” You can track lock activity in the app, displayed as username, date and time of use for ultimate user monitoring.

The LockSmart boasts 128-bit encryption security. You can unlock the padlock in four ways: Touch ID, tapping the icon, entering a passcode, or the push-to-unlock feature. Sorry, no Face ID support. The push-to-unlock feature allows you to access your belongings without taking out their phone when the LockSmart Travel is in Bluetooth range.

With the LockSmart, you can track luggage when in Bluetooth range while waiting at the airport carousel, notifying users when luggage is approaching. You can manage battery power management within the app.

The LockSmart is made from hardened steel with a brushed alloy body, so it’s rugged. It’s available in blue, black and red, and retails for $59.95. For more information go to the product web page.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

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