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The last crop of Apple Watch Guided Tours is ready for pickin’

The last of Apple’s Watch Guided Tours are now available for your viewing pleasure. The trio of tours cover the standard Apple Pay, Activity, and Workout apps. 

For those of us who use Apple Pay on a regular basis with our iPhones, the process appears to be a bit different. The Watch is brought up to the pay station, the user presses the button on the side of the Watch to display the Apple Pay app, then brings the face of the Watch down to the contactless reader until a beep is heard confirming the transaction. It looks way too easy, and not having to dig a phone out of one’s pocket or purse will be a nice touch.

The Activity app is going to be a handy tool for those who don’t have a current activity tracker like a Fitbit. The app can be set up to remind you to stand up every so often, and goals can be set based on a calorie goal you wish to reach. All along the way, a circular “meter” showing your progress is visible with a tap or two.

The Workout app provides a long, scrollable (with the Digital Crown) list of different workout activities, then tracks those activities for both length of time and intensity. Certain settings for all of these apps are handled through the My Watch app, including the defaults for how your workout progress is displayed.

Every one of the videos provides just a little bit more insight into how the Watch user interface works to provide Watch owners with the maximum amount of information with the fewest physical interactions. I personally can’t wait to give a Watch a workout. 


Steve Sande
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