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The iPad Pro needs mouse support if Apple really considers it a personal computer alternative

In a Macworld post today, Michael Simon says that the iPad Pro needs more than smaller bezels if it’s going to take on the Galaxy Tab S4 and Surface Go. And he’s absolutely right.

“Apple’s going to need a whole lot more than skinnier bezels if it plans on keeping pace,” he writes. “A new iPad Pro design that dumps the home button is certainly buzzworthy, but shedding size and weight won’t really make the iPad any more pro than it is now. Apple may want us to think of its flagship tablet as a computer replacement, but the fact of the matter is, Microsoft and Samsung are more viable PCs than the iPad Pro. And if the rumors are any indication, that won’t be changing anytime soon.”

Michael notes that the Galaxy Tab S4 works like a PC with a task bar, multi-window capability and familiar gestures like drag and drop. When you want to have a PC-like experience, launch Samsung DeX via the on-screen Quick Panel and add an Android-compatible keyboard and mouse.

Yes, as he notes, it runs Android apps, not Windows. But an iPad Pro with a mouse could run iOS apps such as Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote more seamlessly. Apple has repeatedly said that iOS is optimized for touch and macOS is optimized for mousing. However, if iOS offered optional support for mice, users who don’t want to use a mouse wouldn’t have to; they could continue using the touch screen.

Folks like me aren’t going to consider using the iPad Pro in lieu of a laptop until this happens, though I’ve certainly given it a try. 


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