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The Hot Cookie USB coffee warmer is not so hot

I like my coffee hot. Really hot. Since I sip on a cup of java for a long period of time, I thought the cool-looking Hot Cookie could replace the Thermos mug I keep on my desk. Unfortunately, it can’t.

The yummy-looking Hot Cookie is a coffee/tea warmer that’s powered by a USB port on a Mac or PC. The idea is a great one. Plug in the Hot Cookie, sit your mug atop it, and it will keep your coffee or tea nice and warm.

In reality, however, it only keeps them Lukewarm (at best), even though it’s supposed to keep your drinks at 50 degrees C for up to 30 minutes. No go. My drinks cooled down only slightly slower than if they weren’t sitting on the USB cup warmer at all.

I really wanted to like the Hot Cookie. It’s big enough (8.5 x 1 x 5 inches) to handle bigger mugs, and, as I said, it’s one good-looking gadget. However, as a drink warmer, it’s one cuppa disappointment.

The Hot Cookie is available at Amazon for about $10.

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