The high-end ‘iPhone 14’ may sport a new titanium alloy chassis design

The accompanying iPhone 14 mock-up is courtesy of Techspot.

Forget “iPhone 13” rumors. Let’s move on to the “iPhone 14.” In a note to investors — as noted by MacRumors — JP Morgan Chase says that, in 2022, high-end Apple smartphones will sport a new titanium alloy chassis design. 

According to the report, the use of titanium alloy will be one of the biggest changes to the case design in the 2022 ‌iPhone‌ series, and Foxconn will be the exclusive manufacturer of the titanium frames for the high-end models.

The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) thinks that this could happen, though I think it might be 2023 before it does. Currently, iPhones are made of aluminum and stainless steel. (However, the Apple Watch Series 6 and the physical Apple Card are made of titanium.) 

There are certainly hints that Apple plans titanium iPhones — and even titanium iPads and Macs. For example, last month Apple was been granted a patent (number 11,032,930) for “titanium surfaces with improved color consistency and resistance to color change.” 

Why go titanium? Titanium is heavier than aluminum. However, it’s stronger, so a far thinner piece can be used to accomplish the same strength and stiffness. The result would be a lightweight, durable case.

The accompanying iPhone 14 mock-up is courtesy of TechSpot.

Dennis Sellers
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